How to hike the Torres del Paine / Fitz Roy Massif Trek

  • Argentina
  • 38 kilometers
  • Guide optional
  • 25 people have saved this trek.


This trek has one or more fees you have to pay to begin. Be sure to check the fees section below.

Guides are optional for this trek so you can start by following the itinerary below. Alternatively, if you choose to use a guide you can find one here.


Use the trek planner to see if there are special requirements like visa for entering the country, special gear etc. The trekkplanner also has a checklist you'll find useful

Getting to the trailhead

  1. Hostel in El Calafate to the start of the trail at El Chaltén

    Cost: 28 ARS

    There are two air transportation routes; one goes directly to the new El Calafate airport, but may not fly from Buenos Aires (Argentina´s capital) daily.

    To get to El Chaltén from El Calafate there are public buses. You can also head west on Rt 11, turn left (north) on Rt. 40. Drive past Lago Veidma to Rt. 23 and turn left (west). 23 will take you right into El Chaltén. All roads between the two cities are "consolidated" and should be very passable.

The Trek

  1. Day 1: El Chaltén (450M) to Laguna Torre (650M)

    An 11km meander across gentle slopes to the foot of nearby Cerro Torre, joining the Fitz Roy en route. Diversion at Laguna Torre brings you to an even better viewpoint before circling back to Camp Jim Bridwell as Glaciar Torre looms behind. The next day traces a path up to high plateau, then winding through the Lagunas Nieta, Hija, Capri and Madre.

  2. Day 2: Laguna Torre (650M) to Camp Poincenot (772F)

    Overnight at Camp Poincenot, and the following day take two separate diversions: over moraine and boulder-field to a rose-tinted Fitz Roy sunrise at Laguna de los Tres, and a second, wilder and more rugged, to the rarely visited shore of Laguna Sucia below Glaciar Rio Blanco. Then, its 9km or so along Rio Blancos banks and up the Rio Electrico valley. Retrace your steps to Camp Poincenot to return, taking a valley to your left for further rewards in scenery and atmosphere and looking out over range, river and glacier to Fitz Roy´s serrated peak.

  3. Day 3: Camp Poincenot (772F) to Laguna Capri - Fitz Roy Massif (763M)

    You can overnigh at the glorious refuge perched above Laguna Capri and look out over range, river and glacier to Fitz Roy Massif serrated peak. Retrace your steps to Laguna Torre and El Chaltén.

Getting back from the end of the trail

  1. End of the trail at El Chaltén to your hostel in El Calafate

    Cost: 28 ARS

    Public buses are available from El Chaltén to El Calafate

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Notes & Fees

500ARS: Climbing permits for the peaks in the Fitz Roy area are required (but free) - they can be acquired at the national park center in El Chaltén. There is a small fee for entrance to Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

Payment must be done in cash.

Trail Stats

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Difficulty: not enough data
  • Trek Score: coming soon
  • Guide: optional
  • SoloCost: 556 ARS
  • Starts at: El Chaltén
  • Ends at: Laguna Capri - Fitz Roy Massif
  • Signage: Signs every where. You won't get lost easily.
  • Distance: 38km
  • Best Months: Jan, Feb, Oct, Nov, Dec