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The idea for came to me back in May when I was doing my third solo trek in peru, The Salkantay Trail. Days leading up to this trek I found three sites here, here and another that said I’d have to take a bus or taxi from Acropata in Cusco. The problem was there was no Acropata on google maps, bing maps. Searching for acropata cusco just brought up more blogs that had the same non-existent location. I did manage to find a waitress at a cafe I visited that, when I asked, told me that it is not Acropata but rather Arcopata. Just that small typo or misspelling and I couldn’t find the location! Enter the correct spelling in google maps and the location pops up right away. That’s when I thought, what if I didn’t have to be searching so far and wide across the internet each time I was going for a trek.

This was my third solo trek in a foreign country. I barely spoke the language. And for each trek I had to repeat the process of searching online for persons who have documented doing these treks in forums or on blogs. I had to each time piece together information from multiple blogs and forums. Understandable, since most blogs are about the experience of doing these treks and not the nitty gritty of cost, where to go for transport, altitudes and temperatures to expect, all that boring stuff.

So after my trip back to Jamaica I headed to Quito, Ecuador, and from there I have worked on building a website that would not only document the boring ‘how to’ stuff for my treks but also serve for other trekkers who value this information and are willing to share and exchange this info in a structured format. This website is the result.

This is still a work in progress but I am excited to see where this idea can go. I hope you find this useful for your next trek.

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This website is still a side project. If all works out well I do hope that at some point I can give up my day job as a freelance web developer to do this full-time and definitely do more trekking. So while all the content on here will always remain free, I include affiliate links to hostels that are relevant to the trek you might be looking at doing. If you want to support me in this endeavor use the links from the “Where to stay” tab when you are ready to book your hostel. The small kick-back I get from services like this keep this website running. At no extra cost to you.

And if you’d like to hire me as a freelancer to work on your website I’m open to that too đŸ˜‰

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